General information
Tanks features
Berth for vessels
Installation of loading tanker trucks
Installation of loading rail trucks
Addition system
Vapour recovery unit
System of separation of hydrocarbons
Pumps areas
Fire prevention and safety system
Security system
Fire prevention and safety system
  • 3 pumps with 800 m3/hr output to 10 Kg/cm2. + 1 jockey for pressurise line permanently.
  • Double production system of foam AFFF type at 3% (2 x 15.000 lts.) through hydraulic turbine which activates a measuring pump.
  • Ring buried 14” of epoxy-fibreglass material around the perimeter of the terminal.
  • 17 Hydrants with self-oscillating towers and cabinets equipped with hoses and fire prevention and safety equipment.
  • All tanks have cooling ring and chambers for injecting foam in case of fire.
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