General information
Tanks features
Berth for vessels
Installation of loading tanker trucks
Installation of loading rail trucks
Addition system
Vapour recovery unit
System of separation of hydrocarbons
Pumps areas
Fire prevention and safety system
Security system
Installation of loading tanker trucks
  • 6 loading stations with all products + two in reserve.
  • Self service with levers for low loading.
  • Possibility to load three products simultaneously in the same truck.
  • 5 counters for 6 products, 1.800-2.000 lts/min.
  • Security systems: Grounding and anti-overflow device (scully). Starting and stop of counter on slow speed.
  • Recovery of vapours.
  • Volume counters with 0,05% error maximum.
  • Counter with 80 micron filter, desaireador and temperature compensation.
  • Fiscal addition and addition of quality in the line.
  • Fire prevention and safety system with water and foam.
  • Elements of personal safety: blankets anti-fire, shower and eyewash emergency, intercommunication with the control room, emergency and alarm stop buttons.
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