General information
Tanks features
Berth for vessels
Installation of loading tanker trucks
Installation of loading rail trucks
Addition system
Vapour recovery unit
System of separation of hydrocarbons
Pumps areas
Fire prevention and safety system
Security system
Tanks features
  • 18 air tanks of type API 650.
  • Volume: from 8.750 m3 to 50.000 m3.
  • All 25 m high, cathode protection for bottom corrosion prevention.
  • Walls and floors in reinforced concrete for sealing.
  • Stairs of escape on every corner.
  • Valves opening / closing automated to avoid entering to tank farm.
  • Tanks calibrated.
  • Levels automatic ENRAF with remote accurately +- 1mm.
  • Temperature probe.
  • Scheme of paint guaranteed for 10 years.
  • All tanks have cooling ring and chambers for injecting foam in case of fire.
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