EUROENERGO is an independent company specialized in hydrocarbon logistics. Located in the Port of Tarragona, the company has been a benchmark in the storage of oil products and biofuels for two decades.

EUROENERGO holds a storage facility in the Port of Tarragona, with a capacity of 331,000 m3 distributed in 18 tanks.

To carry out its operations, EURONEGRO has three berths: two of them with a length of 250 meters and a draught of 15.1 m, for large vessels up to 140,000 tons; the third berth has a length of 200 meters and a draught of 11m for vessels up to 45,000 tons. All three moorings are connected by pipeline between them and with the Storage Terminal, which allows for greater versatility and greater capacity for simultaneous operations, including “berth to berth” service.

The company’s head of Business Development, Anastasia Mozgovoy, values the investment in Tarragona as “our natural expansion bearing in mind our local commitment as an independent family business in the area over the last 20 years”.

Furthermore, EUROENERGO is the company in its sector that has the most space in the concession of the expansion of the chemical quay in the Port of Tarragona. Specifically, it requested and received 8.1 hectares out of the 18 hectares of the entire extension of the quay. The company plans to begin the expansion work by 2021, in various phases, in order to provide solutions to the latent logistics necessities in the area.

The EUROENERGO Terminal provides the latest technologies available in the sector with the aim of being at the service of its clients, guaranteeing a personalized and independent service, with a commitment to the continuous improvement of quality, safety and respect for the environment in its activities.